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ACT 3:

On a train window, a statement about the art of acting.

You’ll be somewhere very remote and unconnected (please tell me where) if you don’t know how COVID-19 changed the world and affected your whole way of life in 2020 and beyond (and the retail price of one particular Mexican lager brand).


On a less facetious note, the global pandemic had a direct effect upon my additional career (as mentioned in Act 2). As in, no more regular job, zero income, no immediate job prospects. No qualifying status for government support. No furlough. Nothing. 2020 resulted in a great deal of reflection, community volunteering, and dedicated fatherhood (countless golden moments).

Others I know - and many others I don't - fared better or worse during a period in our history which, globally, has generated a paradigm shift in humanity's progress and place in the world.


Beyond the disruption and uncertainty in 2020, some contract work arose for me as winter approached; I became involved in generating concepts, scripts and films, recording voiceovers, and leading aspects of a particular business's development, among other things that exploited my range of creative and business leadership capabilities.


I'd had a notion at the beginning of 2020 to devote more energy to my original vocation. However, applying to agents for new representation just after the first national lockdown took effect did not go well. 1 of 28 agents replied to my written submission. As the old adage goes, timing is everything!


Nevertheless, as the pandemic challenges prevailed in 2021 and other life events turned my world inside out, I remained resolute. In spring, a couple of auspicious meetings with an agency resulted in me finding representation. The light at the end of the tunnel brightened, despite other significant tribulations casting big shadows.


The next chapters of my life storyboard were in draft: the opening scene showed a man with a piece of treasure, which needed to be bestowed upon an unwitting hero, and they were undecided.


One thing about being taken back to the drawing board is that the future becomes full of fresh possibility. There are more doors to be discovered. There are more things to learn. There is more hope than at first appeared.

Graham McGrath in a G

2022 has begun with new prospects and new opportunities. Despite being battered by more storms than anyone would choose to sail through, surviving them brings strength and fresh knowledge for the longer run ahead.


The sky is clearing. The seas have calmed; and they call.


Thanks for making it to the end of Act 3.


Time to navigate onwards.

Signs in Iceland
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